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Welcome to the TDS Data Center Relocation Services Library.  TDS offers a wide variety of data center relocation services, as described in more detail throughout this website.  Here you will find a variety of useful and educational materials for your review.  If we can be of further assistance in any capacity related to the relocation of your data center, please contact us to discuss your needs in more detail.


Not sure if or where you need help? Or maybe you know exactly where you need help? A free one hour white board consultation with our Data Center Relocation Principal Consultant will help point you in the right direction. Learn more here.

Introductory Videos

Looking for the right vendor to move your data center? Take 2 minutes to watch our videos and see why TDS may be exactly who you’ve been searching for.

Useful Data Center Relocation Documents and Tools

After years of performing successful data center relocations, TDS knows which tools and resources are worth the investment and how greatly they can affect the overall success of a data center relocation project. Several items we've found useful are collected here.