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TDS IT Security Services

Protecting your enterprise from cyber threats is an ever increasing challenge. Sophisticated new attacks pose a clear risk, and the rate of change continues to accelerate, with new attacks, malware variants and vulnerabilities emerging every day, yet few organizations have the luxury of hiring full time staff with deep security expertise. Is your organization properly protected?

TDS services enable you to outsource these mission-critical support tasks so you can dedicate your existing resources to focus on strategic IT projects. TDS’s IT managed services provide continuous expertise and value through a combination of onsite activities, on-call assistance, and remote monitoring.

IT Security Consulting Services

Security Policy Development

Your firewall's security policy is the foundation for your overall security posture. As your business evolves, and as you introduce new technology over time, the security policy can become bloated with out-of-date information, incorrect host or network definitions, and rules that no longer support the business you are trying to protect. TDS Consulting Services provide industry best-practice reviews and recommendations to validate and update your security policies to mitigate risk and maximize the value of your IT investment.

IT Security Technical Services

Security Configuration and Implementation Services

TDS’ IT and Data Center security installation services give you access to the deep technical expertise and wide-ranging security experience need to secure even the most complex IT environments. We have developed and implemented solutions for everything from small, in-house data centers, to fully distributed, high-availability, large-scale e-commerce web deployments.

Our services include:

  • Firewall and VPN configuration, installation and management
  • Intrusion testing and monitoring (with extensive alarming capability)
  • Deployment of anti--spam and anti-malware appliances

PCI Compliance & Remediation

Most businesses recognize the need to be PCI compliant, but many do not have the in-house expertise or manpower to remediate to PCI standards. Once you identify the vulnerabilities, what next?

Remediation of PCI compliance issues requires resource-intensive efforts that can significantly impact your internal staff and cause you to fall behind in compliance efforts. TDS can help! By utilizing TDS's expertise in IT operations, networks and security, we bring your company to PCI compliance with minimal impact on your staffing levels and on-going business.

TDS will begin by assessing your strategy, infrastructure, and implementation to determine the root cause of your compliance issues. Once discovered, TDS will introduce proper internal controls and tools required to transition your company into full PCI compliance

Our security consultants can help ensure that your operating environment meets industry standards, and can address all aspects of PCI compliance, including:

  • Development and implementation of a set of PCI specific configuration standards for appropriate IT assets through review of current environment
  • Implementation of automated configuration deployment solutions
  • Installation of security applications for intrusion detection and file integrity monitoring
  • Firewall rule/policy definition and implementation
  • Implementation of a centralized logging system to record 'important' events
  • Configuration of system level applications for PCI compliance
  • Providing on-going support of the PCI compliant technical environment
  • Providing technical support during PCI audits including responding to questions from in-house or third-party auditors
  • PCI PA-DSS compliant eCommerce and POS payment systems

IT Security Fully Managed Services

24x7 Server and Network Security Services

Best of breed technology may be required to detect and react to new security threats, but experienced people and well designed processes are also required. For many organizations, skilled security experts are hard to come by. Industry research shows more than half of enterprises lack confidence in their ability to respond to new threats, with staffing being cited as the top issue. If an attack hit your network at 3am, would you have the right people available to respond?

TDS Fully Managed Security Services give you 24x7 access to our world class team of professionals.

Endpoint Security Support

TDS provides maximum protection against threats to IT assets. Based on a combination of the most advanced proactive technologies for monitoring endpoints and periodic in-depth audits, TDS offers comprehensive enterprise-class security for all Windows devices. This includes integrated anti-virus, client-side anti-spam, anti-malware, personal firewall and host intrusion prevention for Windows desktops, laptops and servers, as well as protection for email Exchange servers.