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Where to Start

Data Center StrategyDiscovery and AssessmentData Center Site SelectionAnalysis and PlanningMigration Execution

Different organizations embark on data center relocations, migrations, or consolidations for different reasons. For example:

  • Your current data center can no longer support your need for growth in terms of space, power, or cooling
  • Organizational restructuring such as a mergers or acquisition has created the need to consolidate data centers
  • An older data center design has too many single points of failure and the risk of outages is too high for current business needs

For most IT organizations, these kinds of major transformations usually only happen once or twice a decade, and with a project of this scope, and potential for business disruption, it's natural to have a lot of questions.  To help answer these questions TDS recommends starting with a complete, accurate inventory of all your IT assets.

Organizations come into the migration/relocation/consolidation process at many different starting points.  To learn more about where to start your specific project click on one of the links below.

Data Center Discovery, Assessment and Strategy

"We know our current data center has issues, but we're not sure if we should try to fix those problems, or if we're better off moving to a new facility."

Data Center Site Selection

"Our current facility is at the end of it's useful life but we're unsure where (cloud, colocation, private datacenter) and what to move."

Data Center Migration Analysis & Planning

"We've chosen a new destination, or mixture of destinations (cloud, colocation, private data center), and we need to lean how to plan the most efficient migration, without risking an unplanned outage."

Data Center Relocation & Consolidation Execution

"We've begun planning our migration / relocation / consolidation and we realize it's a complex project that requires specific expertise and tools."

Avoiding Common Mistakes

"We're well along in the process of developing and executing our migration strategy and we're looking for ways to avoid commonly made mistakes."

TDS TransitionManager

"We're working on our migration plan, but the current off-the-shelf tools we're using are really not helping us. I want to learn about TDS TransitionManager, the industry's leading tool for planning and executing complex migration projects."


Or, to get help figuring out where to start, and the best way to plan and execute your project - Contact Us.