Application Performance Testing for Data Center Relocation and Infrastructure Migration

Benchmark to Validate

Here’s an all too common scenario — your data center relocation is performed flawlessly — everything moves according to schedule, downtime is limited, and the applications and machines are powered down & up without incident. But soon the calls start flowing in — end-users are complaining about application response times. Was the data center relocation a success?

In almost all instances, the answer to this question is a resounding “NO!” For this reason, more and more companies choose to benchmark application performance in advance of a data center relocation event.

Transitional Data Services uses a proven methodology and a broad variety of tools to qualify which applications need to be tested. For most organizations, our experience has shown that the expense and time required to test 100% of applications is overkill. Once application screening is complete, TDS utilizes state-of-the-art simulation tools to test performance and analyze those test results against anticipated user acceptance criteria.

TDS application performance testing methodology:

app performance methodology

Critical Application Testing

Transitional Data Services utilizes a variety of tools, depending on the engagement and the types of applications being tested, to measure the impact of the data center relocation on an application. The process is generally:

  • Measure Current State Application Performance
  • Estimate Future State Application Performance using simulation tools
  • Measure Future State Application Performance after the move and compare it to the Pre-Move Current State and Simulation estimates

Application Classification Methodology

Applications are screened and sorted based on business criticality and probability of impact as illustrated.

Application Performance Testing for Data Center Relocation

The classification process allows applications to be sorted into categories:

  • Sampling level 1: Critical or High Probability Applications – Full Testing Required
  • Sampling level 2: Potentially Sensitive Applications – Some Testing Required
  • Sampling level 3: Non-Critical and Low Probability Applications – Basic or no Screening Required

Analysis and Reporting

Comprehensive reporting of all sorting, testing, and simulations performed during the engagement are presented to the customer team for review and comment. The primary goal of the report is to identify the applications expected to be adversely impacted by the data center relocation, so application owners can plan their mitigation strategy. For impacted applications, the report will include a high-level analysis of the root cause and options for remediation or mitigation.

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