Application Portfolio Roadmap Jump Start

Know which applications to move, what to retire, and how to get them to the cloud.

In just just 4 weeks, we’ll perform data aggregation and cross-silo view of application and server data, validated and enhanced application and infrastructure dependency data for up to 20 applications, perform a gap analysis to determine bottlenecks for scale, collaborate with you on an updated, best practice process model.

Application Portfolio Roadmap Jump Start

Jump Start Your Project

Build a baseline for decision making and a strategic roadmap for your critical business applications.

With Application Portfolio Roadmap Jump Start, in just 4 weeks, Cloud Architects deploy automated discovery and capacity analysis tools to analyze, right-size and determine TCO for workloads in the Cloud.



  • Learn how to identify cloud-ready applications faster
  • Application rationalization reports
  • Migration priorities
  • Event schedule
  • Dependency diagrams, build-out and cutover runbooks
  • Discovery dashboards, data export, data gap analysis
Step 1 - Establish Goals and Capture Data
The TDS team will quickly aggregate and normalize up to 20 applications to provide a clear view of your application environment through the powerful TransitionManager platform.
Step 2 - Validate Current State
TDS will validate application data through brief interviews with your subject matter experts for up to 20 applications. Automated discovery and capacity analysis tools to analyze, right-size and determine TCO for workloads in the cloud.
Step 3 - Map Critical Apps to Strategy
Review existing architectures and rationalize your applications – delivering informative application rationalization reports, tailored to address your goals and your environment. Collaborate across business and IT.
Step 4 - Create Roadmap and Recommendations
Get a roadmap for critical business apps, recommendations for associated infrastructure, hosting methods, and future app adoption. Establish baseline for future roadmapping and decision making.

See How Application Portfolio Roadmap Works

Accelerate your stalled cloud transformation

Accelerate your stalled cloud transformation

Download our Application Portfolio Roadmap Jump Start Overview to find out how TDS can help you right now.

  • Guidance for your cloud migration decisions
  • Complete project on time and on budget
  • Team up with the best in the business

Accelerating the Cloud Journey for a Global Manufacturing Firm

A global manufacturing firm needed to migrate out of an aging datacenter that was costly to operate and had frequent service interruptions that impacted business.
Using TransitionManager allowed the firm to rationalize which applications were optimal for public cloud and which were more suited to other private data centers.