Sales Operations Specialist

Join a team of bright, talented people working with cutting-edge technologies to implement solutions for Fortune 1000 businesses. In this role, you’ll be responsible for evaluating and helping improve sales processes, tools, programs, and systems to maximize deal flow, minimize costs and increase win rate. Facilitate sharing of reports and sales data between sales, marketing and other departments.

The main responsibilities in sales operations are:

Data Management: Gather, manage and evaluate data to determine the effectiveness of Sales, a product or a campaign. Improve data quality, remove duplicates, etc.
Proposal management and contracting process: Help create proposals and drives re-use to improve quality, increase win rate and drive efficiencies across the company.
Sales Forecasting: By recognizing past trends, enable employees to forecast future sales more accurately.
Training: Train new and current employees in both sales process/tools as well as product often falls under the responsibilities of sales operations.
Sales Strategy: Support (and comment) on strategy and future goals for a sales team.
Sales Team Organization: Track, manage and execute projects in these areas for the sales organization. An efficient sales team is dependent on the success of sales operations.
Application Management: Produce data for the sales team, sales operation employees must oversee the use of various applications and platforms.

Key Skills

Analytical Analysis: Because employees must analyze large sets of data, employees must have analytical analysis skills.
Trend Analysis: High performing sales teams require employees that recognize trends and foreshadow trends in the future.
Planning Abilities: An employee must be able to plan strategies and future operation goals effectively.
Collaboration and Communication: Since the success of Sales Operations relies on a large number of people, it requires that employees collaborate and communicate clearly and often.
HubSpot / CRM experience: As well as data quality, or database tool experience if preferred.
Dedication: Jobs in sales are often time consuming, meaning that employees must be dedicated to their profession.
Multi-tasking: The diverse nature of sales operations responsibilities means that employees should have a wide variety of skills that can be employed simultaneously.
Leadership: Since sales operations employees work both individually and, in a team, it necessitates that each maintains some leadership capabilities.
Motivation: The stress of sales on employees requires that sales operations maintain office morale through motivation and reward.


• AA degree (BA/BS degree preferred)
• 2+ years of proven success in enterprise SaaS/B2B industry, deal desk, finance, sales operations or pricing experience preferred
• Based in Westborough, MA
• Experience in partner and direct sales model is highly desirable
• Experience with pricing strategy and international business preferred
• Highly organized, customer focused, innovative and strong attention to details
• Excellent communicator – self-aware, transparent, collegial, and open to feedback
• Ability to multi-task and prioritize at times of high volume

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