Everyone — executives, colleagues, partners — is telling you to migrate to the cloud.

The arguments in favor of doing so, especially application agility and shedding the “heavy lifting” of managing physical infrastructure, are overwhelming.

But wait…

What’s lost in the noise and pressure to migrate to the cloud as quickly as possible is that it’s just very difficult to know what can migrate, when and how.  Most cloud brokerage and cloud migration tools are application agnostic.  This means they are focused on moving self contained, virtualized servers from one compute center to another, but not that well suited to managing complex and highly interdependent software applications.

Consider how the emergence of hybrid computing and federated systems has blurred the lines between physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures. Systems have simultaneously become much more powerful, interconnected and, therefore, more fragile.

As IT pros, we’ve all experienced the challenge of trying to explain the technical nuance and complexities of our applications environment to execs and colleagues. Attempting a cloud migration without a way to communicate and manage that complexity is risky. After all, even with all the spreadsheets and Visio diagrams we have, keeping the application environment straight in our own heads takes mega effort. Forget trying to make it clear to business owners and non-data center personnel.

TransitionManager unravels the complexity

Developed specifically to manage typical data center complexity and focused on the movement of assets from one place to another, TransitionManger is uniquely able to help you understand, evaluate, plan and communicate movement of applications from your computing environment to the cloud.

The solution is to combine and codify the collective knowledge of your team and empower each team member with full IT visibility, even beyond their traditional scope of responsibility. The solution comes from realizing that your entire IT infrastructure can be understood within just a couple degrees of separation from the perspective of each of your “subject matter experts” – be they application owners, database administrators, server / storage / network administrators, software developers, application architects and CTO.

That means everyone on your team can now have a single coherent view with control over all your IT silos.  Not only do all the dependencies become visible, but so do the ripple effects impacting any of them.  With TransitionManager you have the ability to embrace and facilitate cloud migrations while assuring end-to-end application availability.

451 Research: TDS Accelerates into the Cloud Migration Market

TDS Accelerates into the Cloud Migration Market
451 Research recognizes TDS TransitionManager role in planning and executing cloud migrations.

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