Data Center Consolidation Services

A data center consolidation has its own unique challenges. TDS has the answers.

TDS dramatically reduces the risk, cost, complexity, and time required to accomplish a data center consolidation, whatever your objectives:

  • Financial – eliminating redundant and less efficient operations
  • Reduce risk – reducing dependency of obsolete facilities
  • Control – centralizing around centers of excellence

We understand — a consolidation is more than a move.

It’s a realignment of data center assets with current and future business needs. It calls for meticulous planning and execution down to the smallest detail by professionals who’ve done it hundreds of times before.

That’s why we model each asset’s before-and-after state (real or virtual, on-premise or cloud).  We model each asset’s dependencies and we model each step in the consolidation process — sequenced, choreographed, and documented — in run books. Our automated project tracking then ensures each consolidation task is performed precisely as planed or else modified as needed based on real-time events. A comprehensive final audit then confirms the design and readiness of the newly consolidated data center against plan — aligned with your business.

If consolidation of your data centers makes good business sense for you, give TDS the chance to make it a smooth transition.

Case Study:

TDS Helps Sentara with Data Center Consolidation Project
Sentara Healthcare
A TDS Data Center Consolidation Project

Learn how Sentara Healthcare successfully executed their data center consolidation project with zero unplanned down time with  TDS.

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TDS TransitionManager:

dependency map
TransitionManager accelerates and streamlines data center consolidation projects through increased efficiency, velocity, and predictability.
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