Fully Managed Services

TDS Fully Managed Services can provide the peace of mind you need.

We ensure that experienced on-shore resources are managing your IT environment, reducing risk and providing comprehensive insight into your IT operating environment.  We can provide 24x7x365 monitoring and remediation for all your IT systems and provide visibility into the end-to-end application environment including applications, servers, storage and networks to quickly detect and diagnose the root cause issues that affect service availability.

TDS consultants have the technical expertise (and the vendor certifications to prove it) to provide all levels of support to your organization.  Perhaps you only need an escalation path for Level 2 or Level 3 support issues, or maybe you want us to take on the entire support burden.  Whatever your organization needs, TDS can create a fully customized package of services to meet your needs.

Proactive Operations

In order to deliver IT services in a cost-effective manner, while maintaining required service levels, IT  must adopt a proactive approach to managing the complex and highly dynamic data center. By gathering and analyzing data, and monitoring the development of trends, you can more effectively make both short-term and long term decisions about your IT environment. Acting more proactively requires the ability to anticipate problems based on observed conditions and to take action to prevent those problems.

TDS proactive services include:

  • Data collection through monitoring
  • Device and application log file analysis
  • Infrastructure trend report review
  • Capacity planning –  Patch management – Threat prevention

Asset Management

Effective asset management provides improved corporate transparency and governance, reduces the cost of support, increases network security and improves budget and upgrade planning.  Along with asset discovery, TDS tools provide comprehensive asset reporting including hardware inventory reports, detailed asset reports, patch levels, security status and software inventory reports.


Operational reports are available on-line and will be reviewed with you on a routine basis.  Information contained in the reports includes items such as application availability, performance metrics, resource utilization, infrastructure statistics, service level analysis and risk analysis.

Incident Management

The primary objective of the TDS problem management process is to prevent problems and incidents, eliminate repeating incidents, and minimize the impact of incidents that cannot be prevented.

As part of this service, TDS consultants work to diagnose the root cause of incidents to find permanent solutions, and then insure the solution is implemented through the correct control procedures such as change and release management.

Patch Management

TDS automated Patch Management with centralized reporting simplifies the complex and costly process of managing and distributing patches. With our integrated solution, you get the best of both worlds – a centralized, Web-based patch monitoring, distribution and reporting system with the ability to manage patches across all locations and end-users on the network.

Change Management

TDS responds to both proactive and reactive change requests from your business. Changes to your computing environment are managed with formal control processes that insure that exposure to risks is minimized, the impact of potential service interruption is limited, and the change is implemented successfully on the first attempt. All environment changes are recorded, assessed, prioritized, planned, tested, implemented and documented.

Managing Technology Change in a Dynamic Environmet

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Read our white paper to learn why an automated approach to deployment, monitoring and management can help IT efficiently keep their IT infrastructure in-sync with business needs.

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