Migration Strategy Jump Start

Properly scope, plan, and budget for your migration project.

TDS will guide your team through a process to lay out pros and cons of different options for migration methods and target infrastructure. Through interactive, efficient workshops we will help you to formulate a strategy that addresses your unique organizational goals and challenges and establishes the migration methods to be used for the project.

Jump Start Your Project

Get to the Cloud Faster with a Customized Migration Strategy, Roadmap and Budget

The strategy will lay the foundation for the overall migration and will bridge silos across the business, application and infrastructure layers to help you understand the source environment, the target landscape, and connect the points in between.

  • TDS Architects will analyze existing data and develop a migration strategy with recommended tools and methods.
  • The resulting data reports and strategy allow TDS consultants to help you properly scope, plan and budget for the migration project.
  • Resulting accurate data can be exported and used to refresh a your CMDB.
  • Includes 30 additional days to use our unique TransitionManager software for planning/analysis.
Step 1
We lay the foundation for the migration, and bridge silos to help you understand your source environment and target landscape.
Step 2
Our experts guide you to develop a realistic budget for your migration goals and your specific organizational requirements.
Step 3
We provide proof of concepts for applications that address new business and technology and arm you with a roadmap that turns your vision into reality.
Lifeway Christian Stores

LifeWay achieves strategic goals to reduce their data center footprint, and goes from a traditional to converged platform to modernize their network.

LifeWay Christian Stores was introduced to TDS by Gartner Research as migration specialists to consider for their data center migration project.
TDS worked with LifeWay through a series of migration strategy workshops, to identify the various potential migration methods and toolsets. TDS provided the pros and cons and budgets for each method and tool. LifeWay went to market for their new co-location facility procuring a more precise amount of required capacity for their future environment.