TransitionManager Deployment Options

TDS TransitionManager Deployment Options

TransitionManager is a web server application primarily offered as a dedicated instance SaaS based service from TDS.  As a SaaS service, subscribers to TransitionManager gain full access to the software functionality without the headaches of maintaining the  IT infrastructure and software.  In addition, external hosting is the best way to assure your environment remains operational while you undergo specific migration and reconfiguration tasks in your facilities.

For clients who cannot use a SaaS solution due corporate governance or other policy reasons, TDS also optionally offers TransitionManager as premise based software.

TransitionManager Service Hierarchy

In addition to these deployment options and infrastructure support services, TDS also offers additional consultation services which can be useful to accelerate your ROI when using the TransitionManager tool and TDS migration methodologies:

  • Data discovery / data consolidation / data import
  • Dependency mapping
  • Migration planning through execution
  • Building migration recipes / templates
  • Application level support and training services

Dedicated Instance SaaS

TransitionManager SaaS is a private cloud deployment using Amazon Web Services.  This means that your data is isolated from all other customers and the system maintenance is controlled exclusively between you and TDS.


  • Infrastructure and installation
  • 24/7 monitoring and maintenance
  • Application updates and upgrades
  • Backup management
  • Access to knowledgebase and ticketing  (2 seats)
  • Maintenance is provided with normal business


  • Consulting services
  • Training
  • Custom services
  • IP white listing for added security

On-Premise License

TransitionManager on-premise licensing is available for deployment in the customer facility or cloud provider.  Premise based licensing is based on licensed capacity and annual maintenance.


  • Software installation package
  • Entitlement key for licensed capacity
  • Access to updates and upgrades
  • Access to knowledgebase and ticketing (2 seats)
  • Normal business hour support


  • Consulting services
  • Training
  • Custom services
  • Managed operations (with full access)

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