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No matter where you are in the data center migration planning process, we’ve got you covered.

Data Center Consulting and Strategy Practice

TDS has helped dozens of enterprise organizations answer the tough questions and execute decisions based on our experience and understanding of the critical components of any data center strategy.

TDS has all of the knowledge and expertise for each critical strategy component under one roof. We can help you fit the pieces of the puzzle together and prepare a strategy that will be well researched, backed by real data and proven analysis, and addresses the fundamental questions required to get your project underway.

How Do I Migrate My Data Center?

How to get your migration completed faster

Digital Transformation Client Spotlight: Hershey

How to get your migration completed faster

After conducting a comprehensive survey of the industry and a rigorous RFP process, Hershey selected TDS as the partner with the right leadership experience, proven methodology and proprietary software, TransitionManager, to help drive their data center migration and modernization project. TDS helped Hershey reduce their timeline a full year and save over $1.2m off their original budget.

Know your environment

Accelerate Data Center Migrations

Know your environment

Data center migration projects start with accurate data, visualization of dependencies across assets and infrastructure, and the ability to analyze and plan collaboratively across business silos. Read how to ensure you plan will succeed when based on a deep understanding of the relationships between applications and infrastructure and the business strategy for each.

Create a realistic budget

Lessons from a Global Financial Institution

Create a realistic budget

Every organization has unique business dynamics and requirements that drive up or down the cost of a data center migration. In this budget guide we have outlined factors and a checklist to consider that affect the cost of a data center migration.

Choose a partner

Finding the Right Data Center Migration Partner Starts with your RFP

Choose a partner

In this RFP guide for data center migrations we’ve put together questions that will help you find the right partner and ensure vendors produce their most compelling and competitive solutions tailored to your requirements and objectives.

Additional Resources

Explore these helpful resources to guide you on your data center migration project.

Survival Guide for Data Center Migrations

Learn the right steps to take and the tools that will ease the process -- instead of complicating it.

Weakest Link in Your Data Center Migration

Learn why IT needs to move beyond the traditional CMDB to a platform that accelerates their ability to execute change, and eliminate the risk of disruption in the process.

Why Dependency Mapping is a Must

A data center migration requires a thorough analysis and mapping of how applications and servers are connected and dependent upon each other to work — before the migration plan is built.

Talk to the experts

Working with your team, we will incorporate critical business facts, identify gaps and conflicts across assets and business requirements, and provide a preliminary assessment and event plan for your migration project.

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