Business Resiliency and Disaster Recovery

IT Resiliency

As organizations try to keep pace with competitors and meet customer expectations, they have become increasingly dependent upon IT. IT leaders are under pressure to become more agile and able to rapidly adopt new technologies to deliver innovative customer experiences. But any change made in IT, no matter how small, can potentially cause disruption and impact the business.

With interconnected applications working in concert to provide higher value to the business and with components running on a mixture of conventional, cloud and SaaS services, taking a “one size fits all” approach to business continuity won’t cut it any more.

Unleash data from business silos

TransitionManager breaks down silos so that different teams across the organization access the same data in a consistent format. With cross-functional access to actionable data, companies make better decisions, build better plans, and better execute IT initiatives.

It’s the foundation for building a resilient environment in which the risk of service interruption is reduced, and IT is able to rapidly respond to any unplanned outages that do occur. No longer must IT sift through spreadsheets and static reports to reconcile cryptic names with the applications or servers they reference, or wrestle with determining which report contains the most current data. With TransitionManager, it’s easy to literally see how your organization is tied together, learn how seemingly unrelated components are tightly interconnected, and even identify gaps and potential vulnerabilities.

By converging the business needs, application dependencies and infrastructure into a single system, TransitionManager can be used to address each of these business resiliency approaches while breaking through the limitations and challenges of silo-based operations.

TDS TransitionManager:

TDS TransitionManager dependency map
TransitionManager can help you architect and plan  business resiliency. It can be used for recovery scenario runbook management and ad hoc recovery analysis.

Download the TransitionManager Datasheet


TransitionManagerTransitionManager is the ideal platform for transformation orchestration and business resiliency.  It transcends the silo tools to establish an actionable “vault of truth” of your complete environment.  It includes the ability to generate step by step runbooks for each failure scenario and can be used for higher level planning and ad hoc decision support for unaccounted failure scenarios.