How to Move a Data Center

Data Center migrations, relocations and consolidations require a well designed strategy and comprehensive planning throughout all phases of the project. TDS understands the importance of being fully prepared at every step.


Current State Analysis

Using a tool like TDS TransitionManager, gather and analyze the inventory information driving the overall relocation strategy.  Perform an inventory of all virtual and physical servers and other assets and determine how each will be handled (migrate, move, virtualize, retire, etc.)

  • Complete an application inventory while assigning all applications a Critical Index Factor (CIF) and acceptable downtime window
  • Determine the interdependencies between applications, servers, storage, etc. and generate dependency maps

Data Center Move Strategy

Ensure the strategy accelerates move events, reduces planned downtime and minimizes the risk of unplanned outages.  The strategy assessment should determine the destination environment for all assets (new data center, cloud, retire, etc.)

  • Develop the move strategy based upon the Current State Analysis
  • Assign applications and servers to move bundles
  • Utilize tools to understand financial impact of migration to the cloud
  • Analyze and understand all non-financial reasons before virtualizing or moving to the cloud

Virtual & Cloud Migration

Analyze organizational and application opportunities for virtualization and cloud computing

  • Develop and execute virtual move strategy
  • Implementation of new hardware, where appropriate
  • Migrate data according to industry best practices
  • Assist with cloud provider selection

Colocation Data Center Site Selection

Choose the right facility for your organization and its future growth needs

  • Create Data Center Requirements Document
  • Develop, disseminate and collect RFP’s
  • Normalize responses and identify irregularities. Assist with site selection recommendations & contract negotiations
  • Consult on build/design/layout of data center space

Performance Benchmarking

Perform current application benchmarks and accurately simulate post-move performance

  • Establish current application performance benchmarking standards
  • Ensure post-move application performance is acceptable vs. pre-move established benchmarks
  • Document the exercises and identify opportunities for pre-move remediation
  • Minimize post-move application performance risks

Planning and Management

Document all data center relocation procedures and obstacles to success

  • Develop a detailed run book containing all move related tasks for each move event
  • Identify lessons learned from past moves and/or test moves to insure project success on production move events
  • Employ project management best practices to deliver consistent, accurate results and minimize risk

Data Center Move Execution

Seamlessly relocate all devices from the source data center to the new data center

  • Follow a proven methodology and utilize purpose-built tools such as TDS TransitionManager to ensure a successful data center relocation
  • Provide real-time communication to all stakeholders throughout the move
  • Provide experienced technicians to unplug, un-rack, re-rack and cable
  • Transport devices in “exclusive use” trucks strictly used for high-value equipment

Post Move Verification

Confirm data center move results meet your expectations

  • Ensure all devices are properly installed and all cabling has been completed
  • Obtain customer signoff for a successful data center move
  • Oversee and manage any required OEM re-certification

Questions? Contact us for guidance on your data center migration or colocation.