Physical, Virtual and Hybrid Migrations Services

TDS provides consulting, implementation and operational services for IT and Data Center Transformations.

Our team uses field proven TDS methodology and TransitionManager, our purpose-built tool for migration analysis, planning and execution to complete the most complex physical, virtual, and hybrid migrations.  We also  provide comprehensive IT infrastructure services and business resiliency consulting and tools.

Hybrid Migrations

With blending of physical, virtual, cloud and SaaS, the concept of data centers have transformed from large physical spaces filled with racks of gear and critical infrastructure into a broad variety of new forms of  interconnected computing services.  Virtualization, SaaS and cloud computing are now key elements of most organization’s data center environment and absolutely must be considered and analyzed when deciding how to relocate your data center.

It is worth considering moving data off individual physical servers and into more efficient, and often less expensive, computing environments. But how do you decide which applications to move and where to move them? How do you ensure that business needs will still be satisfied while meeting regulatory and security standards? And just how do you measure the efficiency gains and potential savings over the long haul?

Business Resiliency

As IT becomes more aligned with the business, priorities have been shifting from a Disaster Recovery view to more of a Business Resiliency focus.  Further, the level of resiliency required is not universal within the organization – it can be variable by department, business unit and functionality.  The methods to achieve resiliency also vary depending on underlying infrastructure and application architecture.

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IT Services and Consulting

In today’s complex operating environment, IT professionals face diverse technology challenges on a daily basis – from cloud computing, server virtualization and desktop management to regulatory compliance, data security and IT support. TDS Infrastructure Services can help lessen the burden of IT management and provide “always on” availability for everything from individual applications to your entire network, allowing you to focus on your core business goals.

TDS has the broad range of technical expertise and business experience needed to help you successfully address business change and manage the transition to this new, hybrid computing environment.  Our Principal Consultants can help you develop, revise, and extend your compute strategy to most cost effectively deliver the services your business requires, and then also help you implement and support that strategy over the long term.

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Preparing for a Successful Cloud or Data Center Migration

Preparing for a Successful Cloud or Data Center Migration
Learn the best practices to complete a successful cloud or data center migration.

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