Accelerated Change is the “New Normal” - White Paper

The term “New Normal” was coined to describe the financial conditions that emerged during the global recession which followed the 2007 – 2008 financial crisis.  This definition has recently expanded to represent any newly emergent social or economic phenomenon that rapidly becomes relevant to a community-at-large.  New Normal contexts apply beyond static states, though.  In general, disruptive transitions tend to be followed by sustained periods of change and innovation.  These periods of flux have become catalysts for increased adoption of New Normal paradigms.  In IT and data center environments, the dynamism inherent in New Normalcy is more evident than in almost any other corporate sphere.

This white paper includes the following:

  • The “New Normal”: Catalyst for Evolution after a Disruptive Transformation
  • The Old Normal
  • The New Normal
  • Creating Transitioning or Migrating a Data Center: Where to begin?
  • Avoiding Risk: Best Practices for Internal and External Tools, Services and Staff
  • The Solution for Every Data Center Transformation

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