Announcing TransitionManager Release 6.4

Transitional Data Services (TDS) proudly announces the launch of TransitionManager 6.4, the preeminent orchestration platform designed to oversee and streamline IT transformation. TransitionManager centralizes application dependencies across the IT landscape and coordinates detailed plans for migration and modernization. Consequently, cross-functional teams can collaborate efficiently on intricate transformation tasks that impact the final state of company applications and infrastructure.

Release 6.4 introduces the Time-Based One-Time Password (TOTP) Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), a pivotal addition to TransitionManager’s security features. TOTP is a recognized and endorsed MFA method that significantly augments the platform’s security measures. MFA is an important component of a comprehensive security strategy, bringing multiple layers of protection to defend against unauthorized access. For further details, please refer to the MFA feature spotlight.

TransitionManager release 6.4 delivers enhancements for handling large data sets. Improvements to scalability and system performance occur during job processing containing hundreds of thousands of records. Furthermore, enhancements to data script capabilities empower automation engineers to develop scripts more efficiently with minimal impact on system performance. Also, a newly introduced wizard-based UI for configuring data scripts provides users with intuitive guidance, eliminating the need for extensive coding.

Several navigation enhancements within TransitionManager are now accessible, empowering users with heightened capabilities to audit comments and observe changes at the individual asset level during bulk modifications. Dependency Analyzer has also been enhanced to enable the assignment of bundles to multiple dependency groups simultaneously.

In terms of transparency and collaboration, new functionality is brought to both internal and management-level reporting with features such as auto-refresh, to enhance real-time views, and an event participant report that helps to readily identify and communicate with cross-team collaborators and stakeholders. 

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About TDS

TransitionManager from TDS ( orchestrates complex IT transformation programs for global enterprises and government entities. With a track record of migrating over 1.5 million workloads and more than 400,000 applications, TransitionManager delivers outstanding results, reflected in an impressive NPS score of 86. Acknowledged by industry analysts, used by Fortune 500 companies, and endorsed by leading technology services firms, TransitionManager software sets the benchmark for expediting and coordinating complex workloads.

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