April 2012 - TDS Newsletter

TDS Enhances TransitionManager™ Data Center Management Tool

TDS announced the release of a new version of its industry-leading TDS TransitionManager™ tool. This new version both enhances its capability for planning and managing data center relocation as well as adds easy to use data center asset management features for ongoing use by its clients.

The new version of TDS TransitionManager helps TDS relocation teams by geographically tracking every asset’s source and destination locations, both within the data center and within the individual rack. While this feature allows teams to more effectively plan and execute data center relocations, it also opens opportunities to clients post-move. The database underlying TDS TransitionManager tracks a diverse set of information about each asset. Two TDS clients are now piloting the use of TDS TransitionManager for managing key asset information on an ongoing basis. Besides generating “live” computer room and rack elevation graphics, these clients are using TDS TransitionManager to track and report on information like asset age, service contract renewal dates, and update status.

Asset data is updated, verified and loaded into TDS TransitionManager, making it much easier to keep all information up to date. Since all the reports and drawings are generated by TDS TransitionManager in real-time, both management and line personnel have the information they need to more efficiently manage their data centers.

TDS Unveils New Relocation Video

TDS recently unveiled its new video promoting its relocation practice. The video focuses on the relocation team’s expertise as well as its independent and vendor-neutral position in the market.

TDS on the Move!

Transitional Data Services has been located in Hopkinton, MA since it was founded in 2002. Recent financial and employee-related expansions have created a need for more space and a different environment. TDS plans to move its headquarters this summer to a new location on Technology Drive in Westborough, MA right outside I-495. We expect this to be the first of many developments ahead this year. Stay Tuned!

Global Payments Breach Puts Spotlight on Cloud Security

As part of our data center consulting and relocation services, TDS helps customers analyze alternatives and select the new facility that best meets their business needs.

There are a rising number of companies turning to the cloud to host their enterprise applications. The much vaunted benefits such as lower cost, reduced need for physical data center space, and flexibility undoubtedly make it an attractive option, but many factors should be considered before leaping in head-first.

With the development of our new tool, TDS CostModeler™, TDS helps its clients examine one critical factor, long-term hosting cost.  This tool analyzes each application’s cloud migration cost and compares it to the cost of deploying the application in other environments, such as a private data center, or a colocation facility, allowing the client to understand the long term and short term costs of different options. The costs of cloud computing vary greatly depending on size and infrastructure environments, and therefore should not be considered the standard low cost computing option.

Another factor to consider is application security, which appears to be a growing concern in the industry. Just last month Global Payments, one of the world’s largest processors of MasterCard and Visa payments, fell victim to a cyber attack on its cloud-hosted solution,where about 1.5 million credit card numbers were stolen by hackers. At first there were reports of up to 10 million numbers stolen, but fortunately, after further investigation, that number has been brought down.  It is still unclear whether cloud security is to blame, but it is bringing a lot of attention to the issue.

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