Baptist Health Successfully Migrates to a New Data Center without Disruption of Patient Services

Baptist Health case studySummary:

Just days into the global COVID-19 pandemic, Baptist Health successfully migrated its IT operations to a new data center without disruption to services across hospitals, care centers, physician offices and outpatient facilities.

The Challenge:

Multiple hospital and medical practice acquisitions, an aging data center with a lack of redundancy, and the need to convert more space into medical labs all drove Baptist Health to the conclusion that they had outgrown their existing data center in Louisville, Kentucky.

A colocation site was chosen, but the team needed an experienced vendor to navigate the planning and execution of the migration, which was already a complex project made more so as the pandemic hit and they acquired an additional hospital and medical group.

The Solution:

The Baptist Health project team unanimously chose TDS and its TransitionManager platform to tackle the work. Although every business unit faced unprecedented challenges because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the IT project team continued with this complex project without disrupting their day-to-day work or patient services. TransitionManager brought both transparency and accountability to the migration by enabling all team members with a consistent view into the data so they could make informed migration decisions. The team could see the importance of every step in the process and plan all tasks and track progress. IT managers repeatedly leveraged TransitionManager throughout the migration to sequence each step and ensure the business units were ready for their scheduled move.

The Results:

  • IT infrastructure was migrated without any unplanned downtime, disruption to patient care, or delays due to the COVID-19 outbreak — which put unprecedented pressure on the organization just days after the migration events started.
  • With strong executive sponsorship, there was minimal impact to business and move events were handled quickly and efficiently.
  • TDS delivered accurate data for decision making, accelerated planning through automation and enabled a near fully remote team to collaboratively plan, schedule and perform the migration.
  • Baptist Health continues to leverage TransitionManager to maintain its consolidated, actionable source of data as they implement new systems to track IT assets across all facilities.

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