Data Center Equipment Re-certification

Data Center Equipment Re-certificationOriginal Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Re-Certification is clouded with fear, uncertainly and doubt and for good reason. Most OEMs do not offer relocation services, nor do they require any post-move re-certification. However, a few OEM’s have very strict relocation and re-certification policies and it’s important to review all your warranties and service contracts before moving forward with any relocation plan.

Obviously, pricing can vary greatly.

Transitional Data Services assists its customers with the coordination of any needed OEM re-certification. Common sense dictates that it’s easier to partner with one data center relocation vendor rather than the multitude of OEM vendors involved in many move events. Over the years, TDS has moved almost every type of device there is to move, and through our Transition Manager™ tool, we’re careful to identify any special requirements associated with moving your equipment.

And if vendor-supplied power-down and/or power-up services are required, vendor participation will be coordinated or resources will be provided to perform these duties, as well. Learn more about TDS and its equipment re-certification services.


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