February 2012 - TDS Newsletter

TDS Named Openbravo 2011 North America Partner of the Year

TDS is pleased to announce their recognition as Openbravo North America Partner of the year for the second consecutive year. This award is based on the continued success TDS has demonstrated in deploying and supporting Openbravo Agile ERP across North America.

Openbravo is the leading web-based, open source ERP provider, delivering business solutions to organizations across industries. TDS helps these customers deploy, customize and maintain these ERP solutions and enhance business performance, as an Openbravo network certified implementation partner.

TDS brings world-class ERP expertise to help customers accurately scope their ERP needs and ensure successful implementations that are on time and on budget. TDS has been delivering enterprise solutions since 2006 across a broad range of industries, company sizes, and customer needs.

Industry Trend: Puppet

A recent article on Indeed.com highlights Puppet, the leading open source solution for enterprise systems configuration management as one of the top ten highest job trends at the moment. Indeed.com is a search engine for employers and employees that searches millions of jobs from thousands of job sites. As seen from the graph, Puppet job interest has spiked in the past couple years, making it the sixth highest job trend, following other recent trends like HTML5 and Android.

TDS has been using Puppet for two years, with several fortune 500 and 1000 clients, as well as internally on our own systems. Puppet is an automatic configuration management system, which automates repetitive tasks and standardizes system configurations.

For a recent data center relocation project, TDS implemented Puppet to ensure a successful move and customer satisfaction. This client was moved from a hosted solution environment to a co-location facility, and had a very complex application environment, including half dozen application types in six environments. This variety of environments and application types resulted in over a thousand different files, each requiring manual management during and after the move. TDS implemented Puppet into their environment by reviewing partial documentation and reverse engineering their environment. The end result was as a self-documented dynamic configuration management system that will allow the company to scale their environment and move to the cloud with ease. Puppet was also integrated into their release process, automating a formerly manual process that used to require hours of updates, but is now completely automated process taking only seconds to deploy their applications. There is no question why Puppet is a growing trend, and TDS has the expertise to help you successfully deploy Puppet in your environment.

Did You Know?

As we analyze hundreds of collocation providers’ bids for our site selection customers, we have seen just about every possible way a provider can quote pricing. Space, power, recurring costs and non-recurring costs all vary depending on the provider and location. We have even seen a few providers squeeze unknown fees and charges deep within the contracts, fees that were not mentioned in their original quote. Comparing prices between different collocation providers is like comparing apples and oranges, and can be a dangerous without an experienced partner, like TDS, looking out for your best interest.

Who’s New at TDS

TDS is pleased to announce the most recent addition to our Managed IT Operations practice – Edward Cohen, Senior Network Engineer. Edward has an impressive background of certifications, including Cisco CCSP, CCNP-S, CCNP, CCNA-S, CCNA and A+ as well as a broad range of technical skills. Edward’s specialties include Routing and Switching, Network Security, and PCI. He received a degree in Advanced Networking from CCRI in 2001.

TDS’s Managed IT Services practice provides 24/7 monitoring, on-site support and a broad range of technical skills. This practice consults, implements and manages all IT operations and infrastructure for a wide range of organizations. The practice, as well as TDS as a whole, is excited to welcome Edward to the team!

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