How BMW Accelerated their Cloud Adoption to Drive Innovation and Agility

How BMW Accelerated their Cloud Adoption to Drive InnovationIn order to continue to thrive in today’s innovative and fast-paced automotive market, BMW needed a flexible, scalable cloud migration procedure. With high demands for innovation and the need for capacity for growth a priority, developing a comprehensive, cost efficient, and a cloud migration roadmap would be vital to their success.

The background

The manufacturer’s U.S. IT team took the lead in establishing the goals for the Americas regional initiative, with plans to build a process that would establish a best practice for the global organization:

• Accelerate Cloud Adoption – Applications must be assessed and prioritized to create an actionable and optimized plan to increase cloud adoption
• Reduce Costs – Utilizing cloud, the team needed to right size over-provisioned application environments and leverage compute on demand for workload peaks
• Drive Innovation – The automobile industry continues to demand innovation and change, which requires more flexible, scalable platforms
• Increase Data Center Capacity – Increased IT demand has driven total capacity and it was a must to rapidly migrate workloads to cloud and create capacity
• Minimize Impact – Tribal knowledge must be leveraged to create an accurate and actionable view of the environment, however impact on Subject Matter Expert (SME) resources must be minimized in the process
• Support Business Case – The organization requires accurate data and vision into the overall cloud migration effort to support a compelling business case for this project

The solution

With TDS and its TransitionManager software, the manufacturer found a solution which would allow them to see their entire environment fully. With current and actionable data, business, application, infrastructure and security stakeholders can — together — make better, faster and more informed decisions which will accelerate their workload migrations. For BMW’s U.S. IT team, this would provide a streamlined, data-driven and integrated approach to their application assessment, application rationalization and cloud roadmap planning.

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