How IT Teams Can Adapt to the New Normal of Covid 19

How IT Teams Can Adapt to the New Normal of Covid 19

by Michael Bullock

As IT teams around the world adjust to the disruption caused by COVID-19, one of the biggest changes in the workplace is everyone having to work remotely. Now that meetings, conferences, and collaboration between departments all take place online, many are finding remote work surprisingly productive and are forming habits that will last beyond the return to “normal.”

There may have been initial trepidation that working remotely would cause an organization to suffer. But the reality of everyone having to work at home has settled, and technical operations for most large enterprises are solid and reliable. This means businesses can keep operating smoothly without interruption to end customers and frees up IT staff from the expectation of day-to-day, operational fire drills.

As TDS continues to serve our customers and partners around the world, we’ve noted some trends that suggest now is a great time for IT leaders to build a plan that will keep the business moving during–and after– this event.

We have noted that application owners and IT teams may be less “busy” and are distracted less–than when they worked in the office. In fact, we’re hearing that some team members are beginning to climb the walls and looking for something interesting and important to fill the day in their work-at-home environment.

Which is why now is the perfect time for your IT team to start a new, challenging initiative, such as rebuilding your application roadmap. It will give these folks something to sink their teeth into and set you up for future growth. As businesses evolve, it is essential to engage the right tools to manage and maximize growth. But evaluating, implementing and supporting applications is not a simple process. In addition, it’s often unclear which applications are being used by different parts of the business, and how each impact success. An application roadmap brings clarity to a company’s application infrastructure, and helps stakeholders understand where new tools or upgrades are required.

It’s our experience that IT Teams find that by tackling a worthwhile, complex project such as this, they have an opportunity to share a common lens into their IT environment, collaborate with business stakeholders, make smarter decisions, and even transform the way they approach projects going forward.

We built our TransitionManager software to improve the efficiency of planning and orchestrating complex IT transformation projects. It is designed so that IT and business can share a common view of their technology ecosystem, collaborate, and make decisions that are right for the business. And, at a time when organizations struggle with the challenges of cross-silo communication, TransitionManager is proving to be a vehicle that brings normalcy to employees who are feeling anxious, and a way to develop culture and a sense of teamwork.

We understand that in today’s world IT is fundamental to the operations and growth of your business, which is why it can’t – and shouldn’t – stop evolving. The good news is that, just when we need it, we have the resources at our disposal to turn lemons into lemonade and rebuild the IT environment so that it’s ready for whatever lies ahead.

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