How to Convince Your CIO that Your IT Team Needs a New Approach to Cloud Migration

How to Convince Your CIO that Your IT Team Needs a New Approach to Cloud MigrationThe business has high expectations for the IT team this year. They’ve got big plans for digital transformation and want to deliver a totally new customer experience. They are counting on IT to be able to support this vision and ensure agility, speed and smooth, outage-free services.

You are on board and excited about the challenges ahead. But you also recognize that the old approach to planning and architecting the changes needed won’t cut it any more.

You are nervous that there are too many unknowns across your IT environment. You have only a murky view of your data and suspect that there are legacy applications you aren’t aware of, as well as applications which are dependent on other applications and servers – and if you move one set of applications, something’s going to break.

There’s simply too much potential for errors, delays and wrong turns. And you know there are opportunities to avoid those risks, improve the efficiency of the process and save the company money. There has to be a better way than the endless spreadsheets, paralyzing analyses, and countless meetings and emails.

So, what are the keys to a smooth, efficient and fast cloud migration?

  • ONE WHOLISTIC VIEW: A current, consolidated, actionable view of all our data is critical to managing a migration or a tech refresh
  • AGGREGATION AND VISUALIZATION: If we can understand the data and the flow of data across tools and teams, we can break down the technology silos.
  • PREPARE TO BE VIGILANT: If we can identify the applications which are impacted by industry regulations at a glance, we can update them and not worry about the risks of an outage when we make a change.
  • AUTOMATION AND ORCHESTRATION: By leveraging automation, we can drive productivity and improve accuracy, but we need an orchestration engine to ensure all tasks – automated and human – work together and in proper sequence.
  • COLLABORATION: A collaboration platform will ensure we are working across the business to prioritize and align business goals – while saving the company money in improved efficiency and smarter decision making.

Make your case. Trust me, your CIO will see that these improvements are critical and will ensure not only a smooth migration but also that the IT team is ready to handle the many changes they’ll need to make in the future.


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