Leading the Change: How TransitionManager Accelerates IT Transformations from End to End

IT leaders must adopt rapidly changing technology solutions to lead their organizations toward market success, competitiveness and business value. To do so, they must understand the ever increasing complexity of hybrid environments, align their efforts with business and leverage automation to orchestrate people, process and tools.

There is now a way to quickly understand your complex ecosystem, break down silos, and execute with any tool to any target and accelerate IT transformation.

The TransitionManager orchestration platform allows enterprises to execute private, hybrid and public cloud transformation initiatives from end to end to meet digital transformation goals.

To learn more about how TransitionManager helps you plan, orchestrate and execute migrations from end to end, download the Data Sheet.

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Multi-cloud, multi-layered, hybrid IT estates are becoming the norm.

IT Leaders must adopt rapidly changing technology solutions to ensure market success, competitiveness and business value.

They must understand the ever increasing complexity of hybrid environments and deal with tightly coupled applications across multi-layered estates.

The painful reality is most enterprise IT organizations struggle to execute on digital transformation initiatives.

They struggle to quickly gain key insights into their sprawling IT landscape and are unable to maintain a centralized platform where business and IT silos can collaborate.

They lack analytics and decision support capability that can streamline data management and be flexible enough to meet dynamic transformation goals.

And, they lack an automation platform that can Integrate with a disparate tool-chain to execute transformations.

There is now a way to quickly understand your complex ecosystem, breakdown silos, and execute with any tool to any target and accelerate IT transformations.

The TransitionManager orchestration platform from TDS, allows enterprises to execute private, hybrid and public cloud transformation initiatives from end to end to meet digital transformation goals.

The platform automates aggregation of data from any data source including, CMDBs, auto discovery and cost analytics, to quickly build a high value, flexible, single source of truth.

The aggregated data is quickly made actionable with the rules engine capabilities; data quality analysis rules ensure you have the data you need while target landing-zone fitness and scheduling rules accelerate the planning process.

Then, powerful dependency maps allow users to analyze how IT assets are connected ensuring a clear understanding of change impact and risk.

As planning is finalized task sequences are automatically generated within TransitionManager that orchestrate the entire transformation execution tool-chain. This results in a repeatable orchestration plan ready to transform any part of your IT environment, at any time, to any target.

Let’s take a look at TransitionManager and see how it works.

This visual dependency map is the direct result of the automated aggregation and normalization of data from multiple sources.

TransitionManager allows you to easily maintain and refresh data for all IT assets including applications, physical and virtual servers, databases, storage, and any cloud, or PaaS services that make up your IT ecosystem. Each record contains not only technical details but also business level information that together drive transformation decisions.

Every time data is imported, whether at the beginning of a project or during an automated refresh, the TransitionManager rules engine capability provides automation of data quality management, target landing zone fitness, wave planning decision support, and more, further streamlining transformation efforts.

As you can see, sets of data can be scored for data quality, drastically reducing the need for manual data management tasks.

Once data has passed quality checks, TransitionManager can recommend any target landing zones and schedule execution waves based on fully customizable Rules that analyze business facts, such as cost and criticality, along with technical facts that drive your decisions.

With validation and initial analysis complete, TransitionManager’s Dependency Analyzer then provides experts the detailed insight needed to fully understand change impact and risk.

The Dependency Analyzer automatically creates dependency groups, breaking down large, complex environments into workable units.

Individual groups can be investigated, allowing for accurate, timely considerations to be made. Here, TransitionManager has identified risk between three applications and a shared database. How you decide to manage the conflict is up to you, but all the data you’ll need to make a decision is at your fingertips.

Next, TransitionManager generates an entire sequence of tasks, called a runbook. These runbooks integrate with the entire migration tool-chain and facilitate timely handoffs between tools and teams,

This runbook contains simultaneous orchestration of multiple migration tools. TransitionManager’s integration with HCX, for example, is automating workload migrations to a new private cloud target.

Concurrently, an application and its dependent workloads are migrating to AWS EC2 utilizing TransitonManager’s CloudEndure integration.

By invoking a series of API calls, TransitionManager instructs CloudEndure to install agents on individual VMs to replicate block data to the cloud. Then, verify the installation and ensure each workload is ready for cutover. And finally, launch the server in the cloud target completing the migration.

These tasks are set in motion through the TMAccelerate integration console, allowing for secure, behind-the-firewall access to the entire migration tool-chain. Rather than logging into multiple migration tools, which increases risk, TM Accelerate allows execution of API calls that manage your entire toolchain from one location.

Clicking “INVOKE” in tasks within TMAccelerate console sets in motion the API call that gets the task done.

This specific task is passing data we’ve organized within TransitionManager to the CloudEndure tool to outline parameters for the VM as it will exist within its target AWS landing zone.

This automation accelerates efforts allowing one resource to perform migration activities for many workloads with any migration tool at the same time increasing velocity and reducing risk.

To stay competitive in today’s dynamic technological landscape, innovation is inevitable.

With TransitionManager, enterprises have a centralized, moldable platform that breaks down silos and unifies the tools needed to execute on your strategic goals.