Introducing Dynamic Engine Selection in Dependency Analyzer

Modern IT systems are often complex, and are composed of numerous interconnected components and dependencies. TransitionManager’s Dependency Analyzer offers a visual representation of these dependencies, helping IT professionals understand the intricate relationships between various elements within the system and facilitating informed decision making.

Enhancements introduced in release 6.3 significantly bolster the capabilities and user experience of TransitionManager. Users now benefit from the ability to seamlessly switch between GoJS and D3 map plotting engines within Dependency Analyzer, offering greater flexibility in visualizing dependencies according to their specific needs.

One notable improvement is the option to toggle the visibility of leaf nodes specifically for GoJS maps. This feature can enhance visual clarity during dependency analysis, particularly when dealing with a large number of intricate dependency structures. Users can customize criteria for hiding or showing leaf nodes based on specific attributes or dependencies, such as hiding nodes with no dependencies, displaying only nodes with specific labels, or filtering nodes based on user-defined criteria.

Whether users are selecting the optimal map plotting engine or fine-tuning the visibility of nodes, TransitionManager provides a seamless and customizable experience for effective dependency analysis, empowering users to make informed decisions based on their specific requirements.

 GoJS Mapping in Dependency Analyzer                   D3 Mapping in Dependency Analyzer

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