August 2012 - TDS Newsletter Makeover Revealed

As a follow on to our recent relocation to new, expanded office space, we’re pleased to announce the introduction of a revamped TDS website.  Launched on August 20th, the updated site also displays our new corporate colors and updated logo.

We hope the new site will allow users to easily browse through our offerings, including data center, IT infrastructure, and enterprise application assessment, deployment and operation services. The goal is to provide a place where readers can not only learn about what TDS offers, but also learn how to make smart and informed decisions for their company.

We’ve tried to make it easy for you to find the information you need, such as white papers, instructional videos, data sheets, tools and planners. All these are located in one section of the site, and the need to fill out a registration for each download has been eliminated.  TDS specializes in independent assessments, recommendations and improvements for IT, and we hope our new website will tell that story.

Utilizing CFD in Your Data Center

Computational Fluid Dynamics, or “CFD,” is a tool that can be used to visualize, analyze and predict temperatures and air flows in all areas of your data center. CFD models are similar to animated weather-maps for a data center, and can be used to evaluate and optimize cooling solutions and maximize energy efficiency. Due to the ever increasing power densities and cooling demands of modern IT equipment, and the wide variety of our customers’ unique requirements, TDS has upgraded its CFD capabilities, providing even more accurate analysis and modeling.

CFD is a branch of fluid mechanics that uses computers and numerical algorithms to perform thecalculations needed to simulate the interaction of air with the surfaces and equipment in a room. In this way, CFD measures airflow velocity, temperature and even air pressure throughout the entire the data center. This allows us to accurately measure and predict the behavior of heat generating IT equipment and cooling technologies under different scenarios such as various IT equipment layouts and CRAC unit configurations and alternative cooling strategies like in-row cooling and hot or cold isle containment.

CFD helps TDS identify cooling challenges, improve efficiency, reduce downtime and cut operational costs. The best part is that by modeling alternative cooling strategies and technologies before deployment, the use of CFD eliminates guesswork and helps you avoid wasting money on
ineffective solutions.

Using CFD, our team of experts can answer questions like: “Do we have the right amount of cooling in our data center?” “Are my CRACunits operating efficiently, or are they fighting each other?” “Can my data center handle my planned expansion over the next two years? Five years?” “Which is better for my facility, hot aisle containment, cold aisle containment, or chimney systems?”

New Video Highlights- Site Selection Services

As part of our data center consulting and relocation services, TDS helps customers analyze alternatives and select the new facility that best meets their business needs. As the range of choices continues to grow, and as more and more companies expand or relocate into new facilities, these choices are becoming ever more critical. This new short video is designed to help you understand some of the issues and challenges involved in selecting a new site, and focuses on the need for the right expertise, tools and processes to ensure you select the best facility for your business and financial needs.

The video showcases the 7 step process that we apply to each site selection engagement, as well as our custom built tools and evaluation techniques. We have helped hundreds of clients select data centers all over North America, Europe and Asia, so we understand what to look for as well as what is important to ask about during site visits and in RFPs.


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