June 2012 - TDS Newsletter

2012 Second Quarter Wrap-Up: Where We’ve Been

TDS is wrapping up the first half of 2012 with strong growth in all business segments. In the past six months, we have expanded business across the country as well as across the globe. TDS has supported our clients in projects across Western Europe and has even broken into Asia Pacific. Our recently developed Site Selection Practice, which helps customers find the data center facility best matched to their unique needs, has rapidly taken off and introduced TDS to several new markets. The map below shows the different locations in which TDS has provided business solutions during the last 6 months.

Customer Story Highlight: If You Only Sell Hammers…

A past TDS client owned a recently built, fully redundant, fault tolerant internal data center. After just three years of operation, and with only half of the designed IT load installed, the data center began facing problems cooling servers in the upper half of many of the cabinets. To solve the problem, various vendors recommended purchasing their company’s latest cooling technology. One proposed fan tiles, and another proposed additional CRAH units. When our client saw the breadth of potential solutions, they came to TDS for advice.

Our data center experts performed their own analysis of the data center’s air distribution. They discovered that the problem was not the lack of cooling units or cold air supply, but rather inadequate return plenum capacity. This caused the heat to stay trapped in the data center, raising temperatures beyond acceptable levels.

The solution, which cost a fraction of what the product vendors were proposing, was to increase return air exhaust capacity, allowing the trapped heat to escape. This solution did not require any additional power, and finally allowed this top of the line data center to operate more efficiently, and at full capacity. Click to learn more about our

TDS Successfully Completes Another Relocation Project

TDS has opened up shop in our new Westborough, MA headquarters. The move took place over the weekend of June 8th and the new office was up and running on Monday morning. All planned downtime for local systems took place over the weekend, to not disturb the workplace environment, and no unexpected outages occurred. All email addresses, phone numbers and the web site URL have remained the same.

With over 40% more space in our new location, we are able to support our recent period of rapid growth and scale for any future expansion. The movers finally finished collecting the last of the scattered crates and dollies around the office and now the place finally feels like home to the TDS family. Check out the pictures of our new office, and we welcome you to stop by and see it for yourself!

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