Re:Invent Your Approach to AWS Cloud Migrations

by Doug Burke, VP, Strategic Alliances & Partner Program

Re:Invent is right around the corner! The team at TDS is particularly excited to meet and connect with our AWS colleagues, partners and customers in Las Vegas this year. There is a lot of news to share with the thousands of architects, technology leaders and engineers who will come to the event looking for the best way to accelerate their AWS cloud migrations and IT transformations.

TDS, an AWS Partner Network (APN) Advanced Technology Partner, provides the TransitionManager software suite, a software-as–service (SaaS) solution on top of the AWS platform. We recently announced that TDS and solution architects at AWS just built an exciting new toolchain which combines the power of our TransitionManager software with AWS CloudEndure.

The results: An integrated solution that leverages automation and streamlines many of the sequential tasks involved in a complex migration process to deliver a migration factory that works — quickly, efficiently and without risk. Integrating the cloud transport capabilities of CloudEndure Migration with the operational oversight of TransitionManager enables users to move workloads more quickly, with less risk of rollbacks.

Integration plays a critical role in tying specialized tools together and making them work like a single, well-oiled machine. It also orchestrates tasks for the team members involved. A single source of all project details ensures that information flows automatically from tool to tool and person to person, “pushing work along” to the next step in the workstream.

We designed TransitionManager so that customers could leverage the investments they’ve already made in a variety of purpose-built IT tools. It is an open platform, intentionally “tool agnostic,” to allow a smooth integration with just about all of the common tools available in the market today. Customers leverage this integration to easily coordinate the flow of data and actions across systems to work together as a custom tool chain.

TransitionManager's Dependency Analyzer

TransitionManager’s powerful visual maps create informative and actionable visibility of data and actions across systems to work together as a custom toolchain.

Integration enables organizations to aggregate data across lines of business or departments, and with TransitionManager’s powerful visual maps, it creates incredibly informative and actionable visibility for the managers and executives who need to see the big picture and make decisions.

Integration of tools, people and processes is the key to truly “reinventing” the approach to cloud migrations and it’s the secret sauce that will produce faster, smoother, more resilient environments as a result. The incredible reaction we are getting from presenting this new solution at AWS Migrations Unplugged and the APN blog shows many agree!

If you’d like to see how it works or hear more about our work with AWS on CloudEndure, reach out to me on LinkedIn!

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