TDS Announces TransitionManager 6.3

Westborough, MA – (October 30, 2023) Transitional Data Services (TDS) today announces the release of TransitionManager 6.3, the industry’s leading orchestration platform to modernize IT and manage change for critical programs like data center migrations. TransitionManager consolidates application dependencies across the IT estate and orchestrates detailed plans for migration and modernization. As a result, cross-functional teams efficiently collaborate on complex transformation tasks that affect the end-state of company applications and infrastructure.  

Release 6.3 introduces new and redesigned reports, reporting enhancements, and new features for improving the productivity of project teams. New reports include tracking of license consumption, post-event staffing analysis, and exporting a detailed view of dependencies. These reports provide valuable insights that can help organizations to optimize their IT operations and achieve business goals with speed and efficiency.

TransitionManager 6.3 includes enhancements to improve the user experience and provide users with greater control over the presentation of their data. These enhancements include task export and activity metrics, drill-down from assets and tasks to detailed views, and tabular components visible by default. These enhancements improve the user experience and provide users with greater control over the presentation of their data.

Lastly, productivity improvements in release 6.3 include new bulk change options, improvements to data script languages, changes to security and performance, and enhancements to dependency analyzer. Productivity improvements make TransitionManager an even more powerful and user-friendly tool for managing IT transformation programs.

Michael Bullock, CEO and Co-founder of TDS says, “Release 6.3 demonstrates our commitment at TDS to deliver features that provide time to value for our customers, and continually improve the user experience. In this age of continuous transformation, TransitionManager is the platform of choice for the enterprise and our partners.” 

Learn more about TransitionManager functionality by visiting and sign up for a demonstration. 

About TDS

TransitionManager is the industry-standard platform for de-risking and accelerating complex IT transformation programs. Trusted by Fortune 500 companies and recognized by industry analysts, TransitionManager provides a comprehensive set of tools to help organizations manage their applications portfolio, migrate to the cloud, and modernize their data centers.

With TransitionManager, TDS has successfully orchestrated over 1.5 million workloads and more than 400,000 applications for enterprises and government entities around the world, achieving a Net Promoter Score of 86.

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