CV Magazine - 2016 Software & Technology Innovation Award - TransitionManager

Corporate Vision recognizes TransitionManager with “2016 Software and Technology Innovation Award” for accelerating IT transformation success

Transitional Data Services cofounder and CTO, Craig Macfarlane and TDS TransitionManager were featured in the October 20, 2016 edition of Corporate Vision magazine (CV).

 We have selected TransitionManager for our annual Software and Technology Award for 2016 based on its unique capabilities in accelerating successful IT migrations in this complex hybrid environment.

CIOs face tremendous challenges. They are trying to become more agile in supporting the business while under constant pressure to contain costs. To achieve long term flexibility, Enterprises have come to realize that a hybrid computing approach is optimal – one that balances the benefits and trade-offs of conventional data centre, cloud and SaaS services.

TransitionManager was originally developed so that TDS could compete, win and thrive against some of the largest tech companies in the world. It has been further optimized and honed over the years as TDS continue to release new features and enhancements every quarter. “We continue to extend TransitionManager in two dimensions,” said Macfarlane. “First, we gain direct feedback from practitioners including our employees, partners and end customers, this is what purpose built is all about. Secondly, we always consider how to implement features so they cover multiple use cases in IT transformation, dev ops and resiliency,” Macfarlane concluded.

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