TransitionManager's ETL Engine: Automated Wave Scheduling

Wave Planning Just got Faster, Smoother, Easier

There is now a way to automate the creation of migration waves based on criteria that’s important to you.

The powerful ETL engine will find assets that need timeline, technical and business requirements and bundle those assets to ride the wave and migrate together whenever, wherever they need to go.

Get hit with changes? Not a problem. Scheduling and rescheduling workloads is quick and if you get hit with a last minute changes that affect identified assets, it’s easy to make a change.

This scheduling engine dramatically reduces work, helping teams to be more efficient.

How does this powerful capability make your job easier?

• Massive reduction in migration efforts: Ensure automated scheduling with an innovative engine
• Business continuity: Business-as-usual on existing systems while validating new workstreams
• Pre-built assessment: Prioritize migration candidates based on key drivers
• Cost-effective: Reduced costs with significantly higher ROI
• Visual modern platform: Visualize all your ETL workloads
• Future-ready: Build an IT environment ready for the future with a dynamic, cutting-edge platform

Schedule a demo to see everything you and your team can accomplish with TransitionManager’s ETL engine.

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