TransitionManager - Discover, Visualize and Plan

Discovery, Analysis and Planning

A critical step in planning any type of data center / cloud migration or IT transformation is to start with a clear understanding of your environment which transcends silo operations and tools.  This means having a full list of physical and virtual assets and relationships whether they be infrastructure or application specific. TransitionManager gives you full visibility into your environment in an interactive display so you can better understand all of the complexities and dependencies.

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The discovery process begins when TransitionManager’s centralized database is populated with relevant asset and application data. These data sources can include application lists, reports from VM, database, or storage environments, auto-discovery tools or asset management software.

Typically the various documents and tool exports will require mapping and alignment, which is performed collaboratively in the software. In this initial phase, TransitionManager’s value is realized through the efficiency of a single source of information, greatly reducing the discovery timeline as compared to conventional, resource-centric methodologies.

Dependency Mapping

One of the best ways to assure successful transitions is to leverage application dependency maps across your entire physical, virtual and application infrastructure.

By defining critical dependencies from both the application and infrastructure levels, TransitionManager will automatically create graphical representations of your data so it will be much easier to visualize and plan the impact of changing a specific application or a specific piece of infrastructure.

Through our interactive user interface, you will always have an immediate visual representation of  your data center migration plan that can be viewed from various perspectives – servers, storage, network, applications, etc.

Analysis and Planning

A complete understanding of the interdependencies between applications, servers, and other infrastructure is essential to ensuring applications work properly after migration or transition.

TransitionManager’s dependency analysis module helps project managers and Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) visualize these interdependencies and develop logical groupings or “bundles,” that should be managed or migrated together.   The system also makes grouping recommendations automatically.

These groups, assets, dependencies and migration templates (recipes) are used by the system to auto-generate a step-by-step plan known as a “runbook”. By carefully planning all steps / events to this level, sequence and dependency errors are virtually eliminated.   You may also insert manual steps into the runbook if necessary.