24/7 Monitoring Services

Your data centers and cloud facilities are the lifeblood of your company.

Overall Health Dashboard for 24/7 IT Monitoring

Overall Health Dashboard IT Monitoring

Their reliable, efficient operation is essential to your business. TDS can provide 24x7x365 US based support for all, or part, of your IT infrastructure, or we can back up your internal staff after normal business hours or provide coverage for remote locations.

TDS IT Monitoring Services assure end-to-end application availability, and the custom dashboards built for each client give you the insight to ensure that the applications, devices, and infrastructure critical to your success are online.

Comprehensive 24/7 IT Monitoring

Utilizing an optimized mix of best-of-breed remote monitoring and management (RMM) tools TDS automates and monitors routine IT service activities, leading to a dramatic increase in efficiency. TDS tools connect to a broad range of devices including:

  • Windows servers and workstations
  • Linux, Mac OS X and other server and desktop operating systems
  • Routers, switches and other network equipment
  • Firewalls, security devices and anti-malware appliances and applications

TDS tools provide real-time visibility into the end-to-end application environment including applications, servers, virtualization, storage and network to quickly detect and diagnose the root cause issues that affect service delivery. And, every client has their own customized, secure portal for full access to all the information and reporting for their environment.

Support Methods

TDS clients are proactively monitored and supported round the clock. We also provide 24/7 call center access and a secure, online portal for on-demand incident status visibility and ticket management. You can use the portal to open a new ticket, make updates to an existing ticket, add attachments, find specific information about an incident and keep apprised of the progress of incident resolution.

TDS also provides integrated remote control support for instant system access and remediation. This allows us to resolve most issues safely and securely in less time than it would take to dispatch a technician onsite.

Network Design Best Practices: 

Design decisions made when planning the network’s architecture are critical to building and operating a high-performance, high-availability network.

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