Data Center Infrastructure Management and Audit Services

Get your data center under control with TDS Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Services.

Get your data center under control with TDS Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) ServicesTDS DCIM services will provide you with the facilities and IT asset, planning and monitoring data that you need to effectively manage your data center environment. Our expert engineers will guide you through the process and collect the critical infrastructure information in your data center. We will then provide your organization with access to our purpose built online DCIM tools. TDS will even provide on-going data center audits to insure your data stays up-to-date and to establish trend reports for effective data planning.

On-site Data Center Audit Services

Do you need help establishing an initial baseline of your existing data center assets, floor layout, rack elevations and power utilization? TDS provides on-site data center audit services wherever your data center is located. Our expert engineers will perform a detailed inventory of your data center infrastructure and populate the collected data into our on-line data center management tool which will provide your IT and Facilities teams with access to key operational and capacity planning information:

  • Accurate data center floor layouts
  • Detailed rack elevations
  • Cabinet space capacity and utilization
  • Cabinet level power allocation and utilization
  • Device power supply to PDU connection data
  • Asset inventory

Asset Management Services
TDS Asset Management services help organizations manage their systems more effectively and save time and money by eliminating unnecessary purchases, wasted resources and providing the necessary data for data center planning and operations. We will gather a detailed hardware and software inventory, which is then used to make decisions about hardware and software purchases and redistribution.

 Asset Management services help organizations manage their systems more effectively

Asset Inventory Summary

Data Center Space and Rack Planning
With our dynamic DCIM toolset, the floor space planning services will provide you with an accurate layout of your data center depicting cabinet, critical infrastructure, and stand-alone equipment locations. Cabinets are depicted in a gradient color scale to display remaining rack space for additional devices. Red and blue color-coded sides designate hot and cold aisle orientation.

This information is critical to informed planning for deployment and decommissioning activities in the data center.

 data center cabinet space planning

Data center cabinet space planning

Dynamic cabinet elevation diagramming allows you to track assets within your cabinets. A built-in database of server, network and storage equipment automatically sizes devices to the proper rack height based upon equipment model information. This will allow you to accurately plan your on-going equipment deployments without having to update tedious, static Visio diagrams.

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