If your IT survives on your infrastructure, trust your infrastructure to us.

In today’s complex operating environment, IT professionals face diverse technology challenges on a daily basis – from cloud computing, server virtualization and desktop management to regulatory compliance, data security and IT support.

TDS IT Infrastructure Services can help lessen the burden of IT management and provide “always on” availability for everything from individual applications to your entire network, allowing you to focus on your core business goals. TDS has the expertise and resources to support all of your IT needs, including your network, physical and virtual servers, storage, and security to data center services and full IT support. TDS services are customized to your specific needs and technical environment. Since we are not a product vendor, reseller, or VAR, our recommendations are solely designed to find the best solution that meets your technical, business, and budget requirements.

TDS IT Infrastructure Services provide you with the flexibility you require to respond to changing needs. We have provided support to everything from budget-conscious in-house data centers, to complete management of fully distributed, high-availability, large-scale e-commerce web deployments.

Technical Services

TDS offers a variety of project-based technical services for IT remediation, implementation, and optimization that span a broad range of technologies and disciplines. Visit our Technical Services page to learn more about how these offerings can help you successfully complete your IT projects.

Fully Managed Services

Fully managed services offered by TDS ensure peace of mind when it comes to the management of your IT environment. Our experienced US based team reduces risk and provides comprehensive insight into your IT operations. Learn more about these services on our Fully Managed Services page.

24/7 Monitoring

No matter the hour or day, TDS can provide comprehensive support for all, or part, of your IT infrastructure. Our Monitoring Services ensure that you have online access to your infrastructure that is critical to your success. Visit our 24/7 Monitoring Services for more information.

Managing Technology Change in a Dynamic Environment

Learn how automation of deployment, monitoring, and management can help dynamic organizations efficiantly keep their IT infrastructure in-sync with their diverse business needs.

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