451 Research - TDS goes to market with TransitionManager for cloud and datacenter migrations

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451 Research – 18 Jun, 2015

Analyst: Dan Thompson, Rick Kurtzbein, Rhonda Ascierto

Transitional Data Services (TDS) has been helping customers with cloud migration, datacenter migration and consolidation since 2002. Through the process of moving IT applications and infrastructure from one place to another, the company found that the traditional methods of managing these projects don’t work very well: spreadsheets don’t scale, and existing project management software doesn’t have the granularity required to tackle large migration projects. TDS’s answer to this problem? Develop a tool and sell it to other companies.  The 451 Take

Migration projects are complex and can easily go astray, particularly if project managers are not experienced – and after all, how many datacenter migrations does a typical manager deal with in a career? This is where specialized software comes in handy – TransitionManager is based on TDS’s years of experience, so presumably it helps reduce mistakes and saves time, effort and money. The software will likely appeal to multi-tenant datacenter (MTDC) operators that offer (or are thinking about offering) migration services to their customers, as well as to consultants and IT service providers. Perhaps by easing the pain of migration, it will allow more enterprises to shift their workloads (and assets) to locations that make more strategic or financial sense.

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