Accelerate Your Cloud Journey with VMware and TransitionManager

See you at VMworld!by Doug Burke.

Most organizations plan to leverage the cloud for their IT environment. There are powerful reasons to do so – cloud deployments are proven to deliver a balance of agility and speed without putting the business at risk.

Anticipating the market needs, VMware leads the way, building tools and technologies underneath their cloud platforms that empower customers to easily move their workload from on-premises to any of the cloud platforms relatively easily.

The VMware products include dozens of utilities to manage, monitor and control the entire virtual infrastructure (including HCX, Site Recovery Manager, NSX, Vcenter, vRNI, and many others). These tools work equally well in both data center and cloud environments and provide an excellent foundation for multi-cloud deployment and management.

Most recently, VMware introduced new tools, capabilities, and services to help companies adopt multi-cloud. Rather than having customers work directly with each cloud provider, VMware abstracts cloud operations and manage the comprehensive environment.

TDS’ TransitionManager is an industry-leading SaaS solution built to speed up cloud migration and transition for VMware customers. This powerful software, fully integrated with VMware vRNI and HCX, simplifies complex IT migrations while orchestrating and accelerating the end-to-end migration process.

TransitionManager complements the VMware toolchain by:

•  Integrating with the VMware ecosystem and tools, as well as other enterprise systems to achieve a comprehensive view of the IT environment from a single system/interface. This greatly simplifies the analysis and planning process before workload migrations can begin.

•  Extending visibility to the application level so that app-to-app interdependencies and relationships can be accounted for throughout the planning process. This added focus on the application is essential in ensuring application integrity (and not just the infrastructure availability).

•  Orchestrating human and machine activities across the full technology stack. This includes all non-VMware related systems and applications that must also be accounted for during the analysis, planning, and execution of complex migrations.

Working with our partners at VMware, many customers across the globe have seen how TransitionManager can reduce risk, eliminate blind spots and complete migration projects faster with minimal disruption to operations.

VMWorld is next week and I couldn’t be more excited to meet with our VMware partners and continue our great work together.


See how TransitionManager software can orchestrate and accelerate complex cloud migrations, data center consolidations and transformations.

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