How a Regional Bank Built a Resilient IT Environment

Learn how TDS helped Happy State Bank in Texas launch a successful complex data center migration.Historically, change in IT at any organization—no matter how small—has had a significant impact on other systems.

But financial organizations must confront particular challenges when developing disaster recovery strategies. Being able to quickly recover from a disaster is crucial for the finance industry because these institutions are so reliant on digital records and applications in the day-to-day transactions they perform on behalf of clients.

IT leaders at Happy State Bank in Texas were recently under pressure to become more agile, rapidly adopt new technology to deliver innovative customer experiences, and improve operational efficiency. Founded in 1908, Happy State Bank launched a major initiative to consolidate different databases, refresh their infrastructure and build a resilient IT environment that would enable them to execute a switchover plan without disrupting services to customers.

  • What was keeping the IT team up at night? And what helped them sleep peacefully?
  • What was the process for getting their arms around their IT infrastructure?
  • How did they orchestrate the complex migration of their data center and keep all critical services running?

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