Financial Institution Accelerates Cloud Migration

TDS recently worked with a global financial institution, headquartered in North America, to tackle a critical upgrade of their infrastructure

Summary: TDS recently worked with a global financial institution, headquartered in North America, to tackle a critical upgrade of their infrastructure.

The Challenge:

Their IT environment had become increasingly complex as they needed to keep pace with business expectations for agility, speed and innovation.

To ensure their outdated VMware infrastructure was brought up to date while remaining stable and secure, they engaged TDS. The project involved migrating more than 1,600 workloads from a private cloud to a hybrid cloud environment.

The Process

The TDS team began by collecting, normalizing and ingesting the disparate data spread across the IT environment into TransitionManager, TDS’ SaaS-based collaboration and orchestration platform. Use of TransitionManager was essential to giving the client a deeper visualization of their entire IT environment and collaborating to develop a new approach to planning, orchestrating and executing this IT transformation project.

TDS experts then worked closely with IT and the client’s Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to validate the data.

Initially, the client thought they had accurate and sufficient information about their applications and servers to plan the move event.

But TDS’ rapid validation process revealed critical knowledge gaps which could have resulted in missed dependencies — or worse, migration failures.

Instead, the client gained a more complete, accurate view of their environment and decisions could be made about the bundling of assets and sequencing of the migration events.

The Solution

TDS orchestrated the end-to-end planning and execution of the migration of all workloads to a vSphere based virtual environment. The plans met both IT and business requirements for efficiency, while conforming with black-out periods and minimizing risks.

The project was a success, with all workloads migrated to the new environment, resulting in no unplanned outages. Perhaps an even more important measure of success, the client adopted a new blueprint for managing future IT transformations knowing that it would ensure future changes could be handled swiftly and smoothly and the ecosystem could evolve.

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