Computational Fluid Dynamics

If you don’t know much about computational fluid dynamics (CFD) tools, think of them like weather-maps for your data center. As part of our scientific approach to data center optimization and energy efficiency, TDS uses CFD tools to analyze a data center’s expected cooling capacity.

CFD (computational fluid dynamics) is the use of numerical modeling techniques to analyze and solve problems that involve fluids (including air). These tools provide full color visualizations of a data center environment and have emerged as a powerful analysis tool to help data center operators understand the airflow in a data center.

With today’s high energy costs, and the focus on “green” data centers, proper tuning of your cooling environment is critical. Do you have the right amount of cooling? Too much? Not enough? Is it located in the right places?

Are the cooling units working against each other in some cases? How much “free” cooling do you utilize from outside airflow?

All these questions and more can be addressed by our Data Center Optimization Team of experts.



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