A Survival Guide for Data Center Migration


Cloud and Data Center Migration Survival Guide

Learn what to expect and how to prepare

Data center migrations, much like mountaineering expeditions, are involved projects that require detailed preparation and planning. In order to achieve success, you need to know how to start the project, the right steps to take, and the tools that will ease the process instead of complicating it.

Read our Data Center Migration: A Success and Survival Guide to answer questions like:

  • How should you prepare your organization for a data center migration?
  • What should you expect during the move?
  • How can you overcome unexpected challenges along the way?
  • What can you do to leverage the experience of others?
  • How can you to identify and triage risks to create a calm, orderly event?

Whether you’re preparing to migrate a data center or climb Mount Everest, the methodology and tools you choose for your journey will directly impact your goals and measure of success.

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