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Jump Start Your IT Transformation with Data Aggregation and Visualization Services 

Your IT team may be faced with some pretty daunting challenges these days: You may be under the gun to migrate applications to the cloud, consolidate company data centers, or complete a Disaster Recovery plan. And management wants it done FAST and FLAWLESSLY.

Where do you start? how can you pick up the pieces when your project stalls? and how can you make changes without causing outages?

The data you need to make decisions is likely locked away across numerous, siloed data sources. And it’s a struggle to aggregate it all and gain insights from your CMDB, which is often out of date, incomplete, and inaccurate.

Transitional Data Services is here to help. We can quickly deploy an expert team and our TransitionManager software to help you uncover application and infrastructure dependencies so you’re able to make better, quicker decisions and eliminate unforeseen risks.

What You’ll Get with TDS Data Aggregation and Visualization Services

  •   Discovery begins with a rapid data ingestion process, using TransitionManager’s ETL engine to aggregate and create a normalized, centralized view of your environment
  •   Resulting data is then processed through our dependency analyzer to quickly identify application-level dependencies and lay them out in an insightful and interactive diagram
  •   Mixed hosting sites and legacy infrastructure are exposed in a consolidated view across all hosting sites, cloud, and SaaS services
  •   Application asset and discovery reports are presented, along with a thorough data gap analysis

Our experts will reconcile, normalize, aggregate and cleanse data to ensure accuracy. Seamless integration and visual diagrams then deliver actionable insights to improve decision-making across the enterprise.

Simply put, after completing this accelerated process with TDS, you’ll not only gain a central source for all data, but the data will be accurate, visual and actionable.

Let’s get started

And In the next 4-6 weeks, you’ll have your project back on track. And when the next demand for a change comes down from management, you’ll be ready.

Get a jump on the changes ahead and let us help. 

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