How Bemis Transformed their Data Center with TDS - Case Study

Summary:  Relocated Into New Data Center and Tripled Coverage of Disruption / Recovery Scenarios

The Challenge

Bemis (NYSE: BMS), a global Fortune 1,000 supplier of flexible packaging solutions used by leading food, consumer products, healthcare and other companies, is used to big challenges. However, when the company decided to move their data center in 2014, managers realized they needed to move swiftly and broadly to transform their data center and computing environment. As a result, the company set a goal to be in a new data center with new IT infrastructure all within 12 months.

And if 12-month data center relocation project wasn’t challenging enough, Bemis wanted to go much further. Bemis realized this migration also represented a good time to achieve other strategic transitions and accelerate their overall data center transformation. Here are highlights of their overall accomplishments:

  • New Data Center Facility. Bemis identified and relocated into a new colocation data center in 12 months.
  • Technology Refresh. Bemis simultaneously upgraded much of its IT infrastructure and systems.
  • Data Center Relocation / Migration. By pre-staging new servers, IT gear and applications at the target data center, Bemis was able to eliminate risk due to transportation and labor limitations.
  • Business Resiliency. Bemis then revamped its disaster recovery (DR) approach, retired their old DR facility nine months ahead of schedule, and Bemis tripled the coverage of their disruption / recovery scenarios.

Please download the case study to learn more about the Bemis project.

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