How IT Can Better Prepare for Change

How IT Can Better Prepare for ChangeChange is a way of life these days in business. Organizational leaders have made it a mandate that the company undergo a digital transformation. 

And for good reason. Regardless of the industry they operate in, customers expect more personalized interactions, consistent access to digital tools and new technology, and protection of their data through security and privacy regulations. 

Having a cohesive data foundation is crucial to achieving these digital transformation goals. It will enable companies to take advantage of powerful analytics technologies such as AI and machine learning.

It also helps companies reach new markets, improve sales productivity with better targeting and segmentation, enhance customer engagement with a holistic view of decision-influencers, and improve business decision making.   

So, what does the IT team need to do to adapt to change?

Whether they are upgrading their existing technology, adapting to a new digital channel, or leveraging the data they have to introduce a new customer experience, the business expects them to be able to: 

  • Avoid unplanned down time and data loss   
  • Assure they can back up, failover and recover   
  • Remain compliant with appropriate regulations and policies   
  • Take into account all the complexities and moving parts 

To accomplish these goals, organizations must have a complete and accurate view of their IT environment. The view must encompass all physical and virtual assets including servers, applications, storage, databases, and most importantly all interdependencies between these assets and applications.  

Servers and the applications have different levels of criticality to the organization. They are not all created equal. The data protection that is applied to these systems should match the specific RPO and RTO demands of the application. 

In addition, various applications are tied to specific regulatory policies. Keeping track of critical business factors such as RTOs, RPOs, TCOs and regulatory and compliance policies need to be tracked in a single pane of glass with their infrastructure counterparts.  

Having complete view is necessary but a static picture won’t cut it today. The view must be actionable in order to support transformation and day to day change. To digitally transform while managing daily operations and respond quickly to unplanned events, IT must understand dependencies across applications and have an automated process to keep this data up to date 

We hosted a brief webinar to discuss how gaining a fresh, actionable view of your data can drive decisions you need to make every day as you adapt to change.  

We put together a round table discussion with our friends at Texas Mutual to discuss their experience as they worked with their own data. 

Register for the webinar replay here: Get a Fresh View of Your Data to Accelerate Your IT Project

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