2019: Accepting Perpetual Change in IT

2019 was an exciting one for IT leaders, albeit certainly a pressure-packed one, and 2020 will no doubt continue this trend. The pace of technological acceleration continues to increase.

Clearly, constant change is here to stay, and we’ve all got to adapt and get comfortable with it. Rather than hunker down and avoid the challenges, IT leaders actually have a unique opportunity to lead their organizations so it can easily adapt to all the changes sparked by today’s disruptive technological advancements.

At TDS, we’re all about enabling our customers to be agile and make informed decisions which lead to meaningful change for their organizations. That’s why we continuously keep a close eye on the challenges confronting IT. We built our expertise and our software platform, TransitionManager, to offer business-aligned solutions that will accelerate companies’ digital transformations.

This year, we had the opportunity to work alongside several IT teams at enterprise organizations and help them lead the way so their companies are ready to take on a steady drum beat of changes.

As we reflect upon the year and the lessons learned – and look forward with great excitement to 2020, it seemed like a good opportunity to share some of their stories again.

How IT Can Harness New Insights to Adapt and Manage ChangeRead about how best practices helped global financial services organization get their IT transformation on track. The white paper, “How IT Can Harness New Insights to Adapt and Manage Change,“ highlights how key technological, regulatory and cultural challenged the organization as they were also striving to meet market expectations — and the opportunities to improve and optimize both IT and business processes and practices.



How a Global Manufacturer Accelerated their Cloud Adoption to Drive Innovation and AgilityAnd you may find it interesting to learn how a luxury auto manufacturer adapted a new approach which enabled business, app, infrastructure and security stakeholders to make better, faster and more informed decisions which will accelerate their workload migrations. For the manufacturer’s IT team, this provided a streamlined, data-driven and integrated approach to their application discovery, application rationalization, and migration execution that orchestrates both the human and the automated elements.



How Hershey Tackled Their Complex IT TransformationAnother success story spotlights how we helped The Hershey Company establish an east- and west-coast based hosted model with applications operating in public cloud and SaaS based services and maintain a resilient Hybrid IT environment while ensuring minimal disruption to the demanding business. The benefits of the new process will help them long-term, allowing them to more efficiently plan and execute change in complex, mixed-vendor, cross-silo environment.

See how TransitionManager accelerates complex cloud migrations, data center consolidations and transformations.

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