IT Transformation - What’s Standing in Your Way?

Data Aggregation and VisualizationAccording to a Gartner analyst report, 83% of all data migrations fail to meet expectations, run behind schedule and exceed budget. 

And a report from Bloor Research, an independent IT research and analyst firm in Europe, indicates that more than half of all data migration projects fail or encounter delays, despite the fact that companies spend approximately $5 billion a year on data migration.

What’s got you stopped in your tracks and unable to move your cloud migration, data center colo, or hybrid IT transformation forward?

In our experience, we see a few common obstacles that are standing in the way for an IT team manager when they are confronted with the challenges of IT transformation projects.


There are too many risks associated with this project. My team isn’t ready/skilled/on board and we don’t have a good handle on our IT environment.  What if we make a decision and it causes a critical service to go down?

Analysis Paralysis

Many enterprises tell us that once they dig into their existing IT portfolio, harvested from places like their CMDB, it turns out that the information is unexpectedly inaccurate or outdated. This creates uncertainty which then leads to delays in the migration process, and we find that many will press pause until they can get a more accurate picture of the business value their applications serve, resources they consume, and the licenses they utilize.

Grabbing only the low hanging fruit

Application migrations are among the most complex projects an organization can undertake and require a cautious approach. Many teams take the simplest path, assuming that rehost is the preferred approach. But once you complete the migration of the easiest workloads, the progress will come to a screeching halt. The majority of your app-to-cloud migrations will require deeper analysis, more careful planning and choreographed execution to assure success.

The good news

You most likely have the data you need to make decisions needed for these projects. Unfortunately, it’s likely locked away across numerous, siloed data sources. And it’s a struggle to aggregate it all and gain insights from your CMDB, which is often out of date, incomplete, and inaccurate.

The better news

Experts are out here to help. TDS has been doing complex migrations and IT transformations since 2002. And we can help you get a jump start with our Jump Start Offerings. Using TDS’ powerful TransitionManager™ software automation features, the TDS experts will quickly identify all assets, then aggregate and normalize all the data into a single, consolidated source.

You’ll gain a centralized, accurate and actionable view of your application environment and associated interdependencies. The resulting data can then be exported and used to refresh your CMDB, giving you an insightful resource that you can trust.

Bottom line, the move to the cloud is inevitable for many organizations around the world and, while migration can be a challenge, it’s worthwhile for most businesses. With proper planning, strategizing, and collaboration with relevant stakeholders, your migration to the cloud can be done quickly and smoothly. And it will position your IT department to be an agile, responsive technology partner to the business side of your organization in the future.

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