Managing Technology Change in a Dynamic Environment - White Paper

Dynamic organizations often need to deploy tens to hundreds of similar systems to quickly replicate IT infrastructure and increase capacity. An automated approach to deployment, monitoring and management can help IT efficiently keep their IT infrastructure in-sync with business needs.

  • Quickly Respond to Changes in Business Needs
  • Rapidly Deploy or Decommission Infrastructure Capacity
  • Ensure Configuration Consistency
  • Accurate Automated Infrastructure Documentation
  • Automated Application and Infrastructure Monitoring to Ensure Availability and Manage Utilization
  • Reduce OPEX and Impact on Staff

Dynamic organizations are continually challenged to keep their IT infrastructure in-sync with their business needs. Applications change often, new technologies must be addressed, and a continual stream of new software and hardware requires efficient deployment, monitoring and management.

In faster growing Internet business segments, like e-commerce, online travel, and digital media, organizations need elasticity in order to scale quickly and predictably in response to growth or volume-related increases in their capacity needs. In the retail industry, for example, seasonal demands require a dramatic increase in capacity that shrinks at other times of the year. These organizations may need to deploy tens to hundreds of similar systems to quickly replicate infrastructure and increase capacity, then decommission or retire these resources when application demand subsides. Ideally, dynamic organizations need to be capable of adjusting their resource capacity in an on-demand, automated fashion whenever needed. The most agile organizations can anticipate bottlenecks and react quickly to demands.

Organizations must be able to effectively prepare for and react to challenges as they arise and utilize their existing resources efficiently to stay competitive in a fast-paced marketplace. Does your organization have the processes, resources, tools and expertise to address the myriad of challenges required to build and manage an ever changing IT infrastructure?

Learn how TDS has helped clients solve this problem with automated tools and well defined policies and procedures.​


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