Maximizing Stakeholder Input

“Differences Tabletopof opinion” among stakeholders are fairly common when it comes to the task of choosing a new data center. Geography, availability, reliability and technology are just a few of the decision points stakeholders may prioritize differently.But satisfying all the needs of multiple user groups is vital to the project’s long-term success, albeit challenging at times. One recent success story highlights the benefits of engaging an experienced partner like Transitional Data Services (TDS).

In March of 2012, TDS was engaged to assist a $2B company choose a new co-location facility to house its production data center needs. Knowing the diverse interests at stake and the likelihood of a board-level justification at the project’s conclusion, the customer requested TDS to assist with the selection process.

10 companies were thought to meet the initial data center requirements criteria, and 4 were ultimately chosen for site visits, two of which then proceeded to contract negotiations. When the co-location vendor was chosen in late May, TDS’s RFP template, customizable scoring system, and site visit evaluation checklists were highlighted as essential components of the board-level presentation as well as the project’s overall success.

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