Putting the Puzzle Pieces Together for IT Resilience

Putting the Puzzle Pieces Together for IT ResilienceGartner just released an update to its 2018 Market Guide for IT Resilience Orchestration. The Guide includes products from 40 different vendors, each with a purpose in trying to put together the pieces of the puzzle and “solve” IT resilience.

Clearly, there are many new approaches and automation tools to help address the problem; tools for provisioning, transporting, discovering, sizing, virtualizing, recovering and rerouting have emerged and show promise.

But experts also recognize that each of these products alone does not go far enough to ensure a successful application migration or recovery success. These tools were built for isolated application and infrastructure environments, and they can’t do the job modern IT ecosystems require.

What’s really needed is the ability to integrate tools and data, analyze and plan, and then be able to orchestrate changes – both those that are planned and those unplanned events that come out of left field. That’s where TDS and our TransitionManager solution fit into the picture. TransitionManager stands out in its ability to orchestrate the full recovery process across human and automated tasks and bridge the stack of services necessary to assure business and IT resilience objectives are met.

These days, IT organizations are being asked to become more agile and flexible so they can support emerging digital business requirements. While, at the same time, they must address ever-increasing demands to improve IT resilience, availability, security and compliance. To achieve this, the last thing your organization needs is another siloed tool; you need a way to pull all the pieces together, so you can both orchestrate an accelerated complex hybrid cloud and data center migration, and assure your IT environment is built to withstand change and remain resilient.

All IT transformation initiatives involve change. Whether it’s a tech refresh, cloud migration, or a security and compliance review, understanding your environment across business silos is critical for success. And you need access to always-accurate data and the ability to facilitate clear task ownership, timely communication, and collaboration across the enterprise, enabling project teams to be responsive to changing requirements – even during execution and implementation.

As you consider your business and its dynamic business needs, take a hard look at your IT organization’s ability to adapt to the perpetual state of change. Can you really put all the pieces together?

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